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$600 Full Service Administration for Plan Sponsors

Steidle Pension Solutions, LLC (SPS) is a Third Party Administrator of Qualified Retirement Plans. SPS installs and administers the following types of Plans:

  • 401(k)
  • 401(a) Profit Sharing Plans
  • Roth 401(k)
  • SEP
  • Keough
  • Defined Benefit Plans


Depending on the Plan you select, SPS provides the following services and documents related to the installation of your Retirement Plan:

  • Adoption Agreement
  • 401(k) Plan Document with Amendments
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Enrollment Kits
  • Employee Enrollment Meetings
  • Participant Enrollment Services
  • IRS Form 5300 Preparation (if neccessary)
  • Advise Fiduciary on Investment Policy Statement
  • Recommend Investment Menu that is 404(c) Compliant
  • Form 8717: IRS Exemption of User Fee Form (if neccessary)


As part of the annual administration of a 401(k) Plan, SPS provides the following comprehensive services:

  • Preparation of IRS Form 5500 with Schedules
  • Plan Valuation Report
  • Plan Testing for Top Heavy Status
  • Update Plan Amendments
  • Vesting Reports
  • Employee Annual Statements
  • ADP and ACP Tests
  • Yearly Report on Fund Performance
  • Process Distribution Requests
  • Complete Enrollment of New Participants
  • Record Keeping Services

SPS provides all annual administration services for a low, flat, all inclusive fee of $600 for qualifying Plan Sponsors. This is the fee paid by the Plan Sponsor. Over 90% of Plans in the small Plan market qualify for this rate based on Plan design.

SPS streamlines the installation and administration of the Plan to make the process affordable and easy to understand. The annual administration fee for a 401(k) that meets the 3 criteria described in the presentations above is $600. The one time cost to install a 401(k) Plan is $850. These rates apply for Plans with less than 25 participants. Please call for rates for Plans with more than 25 participants.

Plan Sponsors not using qualifying instututions listed to the left, but that qualify based on size and design, can receive administrative services for $900 in many cases. Rates are negotiable.

Questions? Call a representative at 1.800.630.401K (4015).

If you would like a representative to contact you regarding retirement planning, please complete and submit the form below:

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Delinquent Filer Services

SPS provides administration services and 5500 preparation for Plans which may have not completed the necessary Plan work or filings for the last 10 years. A customized quote can be prepared after discussing the services needed to bring a Plan up-to-date. Services may include:

  • Preparation and Electronic Submission of Delinquent 5500s
  • Application to DOL Voluntary Delinquent Filer Program
  • Past Years’ Annual Plan Valuations
  • Reconstructing Balances and Censuses for Past Years
  • Past Years’ Testing and Vesting Reports
  • IRS Abatements
  • IRS Plan Exams or Audits
  • Others Services as Needed

Call us at 1.800.630.4015 with questions regarding how we can help you bring your Plan into compliance.


Plan Termination Services

If you have a 401k, Profit Sharing, or other qualified Plan, the IRS has specific rules regarding the procedures, notices, filings and documents for Plan closings. Failure to follow IRS regulations regarding Plan Termination can result in substantial penalties and fines, or even worse, Plan Disqualification.

Services needed for Plan Termination will depend on the status of your Plan. For a customized quote for Plan Termination, call us at 1.800.630.4015.


Keith J. Steidle, CRPS, REBC.

Keith J. Steidle, CRPS, REBC

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