Steidle Pension Solutions, LLC ("SPS") is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients.  We believe client privacy and protecting the security of data provided to us are essential to our business.  All data gathered from SPS customers are used for plan administration and recordkeeping services.  Customer privacy is continuously maintained in all aspects of SPS’s business.


Security measures apply to all SPS employees and to any and all confidential plan, customer and participant information and data.  Confidentiality and security of information extends to all applications including, but not limited to, data utilization, modification of plan information, release of plan data, and retrieval and release of information through our web site or electronic communications.



SPS collects customer and employee information for the sole purpose of conducting plan administration services.  We will maintain a Plan Sponsor’s company contact information including physical and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, personnel contact data, and other relevant plan information. If you are an employee, SPS will also retain certain information about you that is necessary to administer your Plan balance, including name, social security number, income, address, length of service, gender, marital status, date of hire, date of birth and other relevant plan information. This information is used to administer the plan and to service participant needs.


SPS may limit our collection of customer and participant information as necessary to accomplish our recordkeeping goals.  Client information may also be used to provide product and service information.  SPS does not sell or rent this information to others.  SPS never shares any client or participant data with any non-affiliated party not authorized by the customer.



Only an authorized representative of a plan or an authorized SPS employee can update plan information or participant data.  In order to protect customer information and the integrity of the data maintained by SPS, unique security requirements have been systematically integrated into our processes, human resources strategy, and technology. 



SPS will share participant account information and plan data only with SPS affiliates as necessary to manage the participant’s account or general plan, including the plan sponsor and the authorized financial service provider, authorized CPA or other authorized individuals or organizations.


SPS reserves the right to disclose or report any information pertaining to a customer’s plan (or related participant) to a third party as required by law, including circumstances necessary to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations, to cooperate with government or industry regulators and law enforcement officials.  SPS will evaluate the merit of any such requestes when received prior to disclosing private customer information.